1. The continue slowdown of Global Economic growth pushes Government, and private sector to find
    new strategy and policy to overcome it; Innovation, Research and Development has become a
    natural option to move business and economy forward; China CASS RDI has become an important
    think thank institution to support China Belt and Road initiative to go overseas.
  2. To socialize and synchronize China Strategy on Belt and Road initiative; China RDI invited Over 20 Indonesian Think Tank, Government officers, and business community to Haikou on Nov 15-17,2016 to join China- Indonesian Cooperation seminar by “Belt and Road” Initiative. BKPMsuggested during the conference that the next cooperation conference be held in Manado asPresident Jokowi like to emphasize the growth of East Indonesia.
  3. Indonesian delegations feels the needs an independent Think Tank institution consist of expert and advisory boards from Academics, Business& Industry sector, Government and Community (ABG-C)to focus on Economic development and to act as counterpart of CASS-RDI to organize Manado seminar, and to provide input to Government and business community to define new strategy and direction as part three pillars strategic cooperation; G to G, B to B, and P to P. For This objectives IRDI, Indonesian Research and Development International is being formed.