Vision and Mission

Statement of Intent and Governing Principles:
To establish an independent Research and Development Institute International based on Trust and Good Faith with the primary interest in the National Sustainable Development, and in alignment with global and national interest. IRDI would promote Good Corporate Governance to avoid any potential conflict of interests

Engagement and Enhancement of human capital and national sustainable developmentin term of
economy, industry and people prosperity by 2025.


  • “Indonesia first” as primary Interest
  • Human Capital, Knowledge and Culture: showing a new approach: works based on respectable
    research – develop a research culture
  • Research and Development on priority in industry and ICTsectors to provide input for value added
    through technology (science and technology); To bridge research institute (Kamar Technology) with
    chamber of commerce (Kamar dagang)
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing with various stakeholders; seek alignment of nationalinterest with
    global players;
  • Sharing Indonesia’s strengths:culture: indigenous, respect of diversity; democracy and
    discussion(musyawarah) principles, mutual cooperation (gotong-royong); creative energy
  • Participate in aligning with National and Global sustainable development indicators:
    o Human Development Index, Sustainable Development Index,
    o Emission Reduction (Paris Accord), Ease of Doing Business
    o Governance Index, minimize poverty and increase public /SME’sengagement