Bunaken Island total area covering 89065 hectares with 22 villages and a population of 40.00 persons. Diving is possible all the year round. Bunaken and the Manado Bay are very sheltered, the sea is seldom rough. Visibility is generally over 20 m (up to 40 m). This is what happen normally in dry season between February to October. The wet season is from November to January has little influence on the visibility at Bunaken Islands where as it may affect visibility more in Manado Bay. The diving is still possible to do. But the sea is often rough and sometimes danger for sailing. This is because of the west wind coming from the open sea of Manado bay. So best time to come in North Sulawesi for diving in Bunaken itself is from February to October.

You might be carefull maybe during low season especially from November to January, often find a lot of trash in Bunaken island at the West part, Liang Beach, the main beach of Bunaken island. At the east part, might not influnce much for the trash and the beach is still ok.. This is because of the west wind blows so often. Mostly all trash is coming from Manado, mainland. During low season it is a good recommendation when you do diving in Bunaken and you stay in mainland – resorts. But during high season, the weather is often fine, and all divers are ok to stay on the island of Bunaken.



Bunaken island is around 45 minutes away by boat from manado harbor. For those who like to do diving in Bunaken Island and stay on the island itself then this is the place that you are looking for. Mostly all these dive companies / resorts have affordable price for accommodation and diving and some of the local accommodation have very budget and low price if you can have good bargain :). Some resorts have beauty sunset and sunrise view.

Reef Basics

Great for: Small animals, wall dives, underwater photography, drift diving, reef life and health, dive value-for-money and advanced divers
Not so great for: Wrecks and non-diving activities
Depth: 5 – >40m
Visibility: 20 – 35m
Currents: Usually gentle but can be strong
Surface Conditions: Calm
Water Temperature: 27 – 30°C
Experience Level: Beginner – advanced
Number of dive sites: ~25
Distance: ~18 km north of Manado Bay (40 mins)
Access: Manado diving resorts
Recommended length of stay: 7 – 10 days

source : visit-manado.com