Business Category

  • Infrastructure

    Indonesia constitutes the world’s 10th largest economy. With over 260 million people spread across 17,000 islands, a modern and efficient infrastructure is vital for connecting its people to Indonesian and global markets. Improving Indonesian infrastructure is the top policy priority of current government.

  • Service-ICT

    Indonesia’s digital innovation sector is rapidly evolving. Seventy per cent of Indonesia’s 260 million people are aged 39 or younger and they are relatively tech savvy. One third of Indonesian have internet access and this rate is growing. Smartphones are the key platform for accessing the net, with more than 280 million SIM cards in use across the archipelago.

  • Energy

    Green, clean, renewable. More and more countries are turning to renewable energy projects in a bid to meet climate change quotas – and Indonesia is one of them, with Jakarta stating that it wants renewables

  • Tourism

    Although Indonesia harbors great attractions for tourists - beautiful countryside, interesting cultures & historical remnants, beaches, nightlife (Jakarta and Bali)